Eurosicma’s dynamism and competitive approach are present also on the water!

Marco and Francesco Redaelli show Eurosicma’s brand in all the sport celebrations they are involved. The sea passion, originally born from the founder Trentino Redaelli, has been than part of the following generations and it is today still very intensive.

The growing spirit, developing new ideas to improve their boats’ performances and make them even more competitive than the others, leads the two runners to participate in relevant sails and speed boat’s competitions. Eurosicma lives great adventures also on the water, it gives great feelings and it wins!


Marco Redaelli
competing during regatta
Marco Redaelli
: 1st  place Interlaghi Regatta
2002: 1st  place European Championship Fun Class
2005: 1st place Italian Championship Fun Class
2007: 3rd place European Championship Fun Class
2009: 2nd place European Championship Fun Class
: 1st place Interlaghi

Francesco Redaelli
competing during speed boat race
Francesco Redaelli
2005: debut in the Lario’s 100 Miles
2007: debut class Endurance group A
2009: debut in Offshore Class 3
3rd place class B1 Endurance group B
2008: 2nd place Italian Endurance Championship group A
2008: 4th  place World Endurance Championship group A
2010: 1st place World Endurance Championship group B
2011: 1st place inflatable Class, 3rd absolute place in the Lario’s 100 Miles
2011: 3rd place World Offshore Championship Class 3


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