Local Assistance Centres

To be as closest as possible to all the customers who choose our brand, speak their same language and have the same working hour, Eurosicma has its own local assistance in Italy, Turkey, North and South America (Brazil and Colombia), India, Philippines, Indonesia and Middle East. The in-site technicians attend specific training and courses here at our Head Office with our Chief-Engineers and Technicians.


Ph +39 02 02218961
e-mail aftersales.eurosicma@ima.it


Eurosicma Spa Packaging Solutions
Head Office: Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 6
20054 Segrate (MI)
Legal Office : Via Fratelli Gabba, 6
20121 Milano (Mi)
Iscr. Trib. MI n.117915 – cciaa MI 606927
CF/PI (IT) 00730100153
Capital Є700.000,00 int. vers.
Sales Office: Ph. 0039-02-21896.1
Fax 0039-02-21896.410

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