Eurotekna is born after a long collaboration between Eurosicma and Tekna, a company that had worked in the biscuit machine field for a long time, accumulating great and accurate experience in this market during the years.

Today, Eurotekna cooperates with Eurosicma supplying “turn key” biscuit packaging equipment.

With 20 years of experience Eurotekna succeeds in supplying feeding systems and general machines in the biscuits’ and bakery products’ fields, such as sandwich machines at one or multiple ways (Models SAMA/1, SAMA/2, SAMA/4) and biscuits feeding systems. Biscuits collection from oven for  auto feeding systems available. Direct connection with flow wrapper, as well as integration with Volumetric or Counting Portion Feeders available.

Eurotekna is also able to offer technical consultancy for personalized solutions and technical assistance thanks to its specialized staff able to install the machines all over the world. The creation of synergies with Eurosicma allows to supply flow pack and fold style wrapping machines.


Eurosicma Spa Packaging Solutions
Head Office: Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 6
20054 Segrate (MI)
Legal Office : Via Fratelli Gabba, 6
20121 Milano (Mi)
Iscr. Trib. MI n.117915 – cciaa MI 606927
CF/PI (IT) 00730100153
Capital Є700.000,00 int. vers.
Sales Office: Ph. 0039-02-21896.1
Fax 0039-02-21896.410

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