O.A.SYS – Open Automation Systems

O.A.SYSThe electronic rapid evolution increased the importance of custom made software for Eurosicma’s wrapping machines and automatic feeding systems.
O.A.SYS (Open Automation Systems) is a reputable player in the Automation field development, constituting Eurosicma’s software company.
O.A.SYS has developed and implemented software not only in the packaging area but also in textile, automotive and aeronautics fields.

After almost 20 years of experience in various fields, O.A.SYS enhances Eurosicma’s design expertise with real-time software design. As part of the Eurosicma conglomerate, O.A.SYS ensures that Eurosicma’s software is up-to-dated and always available.

Thanks to this co-operation Eurosicma is able to intervene directly also for softwares, without the implication of further suppliers, granting a complete independency in terms of monitoring implementations (not all plc models allow personalizations and modifications) on the basis of specific customers requests. Eurosicma can also ensure the capability to employ technologies coming from the IT field which is notoriously widespread and subjected to constant development.

Thanks to the PC open operating system, Eurosicma offers the possibility to install softwares dedicated to the chosen/necessary applications. The Human Machine Interface is integrated in a single monitoring system, thanks to the operating system used to implement conventional and commercial development tools. Another important feature is a simplified electrical architecture, in terms of a lower number of components (PC, operation, I/O card bus) and the consequent integration of the electrical control panel on the side part of the machine.

The capability to ensure the independence between the hardware elements and the software parts is a key point of the developed know how. The technical natural development of the hardware offers opportunities, as it allows to choose freely which hardware component has to be used. (i.e. The employment of the current generation Human Machine Interfaces on machines supplied since 1999).


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