OMS – Officina Meccanica di Sonico

OMS is the company specialized in mechanical manufactures, mechanical, electric and electronic assemblies and groups’ testing with appropriate quality certifications.

OMS was founded in 1978 and is located in Edolo. Following Brescia’s typical local tradition, OMS can rely on its tradition and itsa half century experience in the manufacturing of mechanical parts.

Thanks to its know how and to the high-performance technology employed, OMS is able to handle from single pieces to mass-production, even up to the realization of complete machines. OMS uses several high-performance numerical control machines such as C.B. FERRARI, DEBER, SECMU, MORI SEIKI CV-500 and the NAKAMURA Tome New Super-NTJX, which operates in only three factories in Italy, included OMS.

Today, the structure consists of 45 workers who have high skills to create electro welded carpentry and to work with either traditional numerical control machines or mechanical, electric and electronic assemblies made by drawings.

Eurosicma’s strategic choice of having the production relocated in a specialized industrial district such as the one located in Brescia has always been successful. In the modern market economy, most competitors have fully or partially moved their production in emerging countries, in order to have lower costs. Our choice to “stay national”, firstly made in 1978, turned out to be successful and guarantees to our customers a “handmade in Italy” product, combined with the quality of the raw materials, care and high regard, everything subjected to strict constant controls.
Reliability and endurance of the supplied goods are just some of the major customers’ benefits.

OMS represents an excellent partner of Eurosicma in terms of the supply of high quality machines and systems that are able to satisfy the highest production capability.


Eurosicma Spa Packaging Solutions
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