Stacking systems, rows multipliers and automatic portioning systems suitable for products on edge that can be directly connected to both flow and fold pack wrapping machines.

EUROTEKNA, the joint-venture established between Eurosicma and Tekna, today is able to offer a wide range of handling and feeding systems, collecting and portioning products from oven in order to deliver them to the wrapping lines.


Eurosicma Spa Packaging Solutions
Head Office: Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 6
20054 Segrate (MI)
Legal Office : Via Fratelli Gabba, 6
20121 Milano (Mi)
Iscr. Trib. MI n.117915 – cciaa MI 606927
CF/PI (IT) 00730100153
Capital Є700.000,00 int. vers.
Sales Office: Ph. 0039-02-21896.1
Fax 0039-02-21896.410

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